Claudette Olvera' story
At the age of nineteen I began my career in the medical field as a medical biller

& coder when I quickly realized that this course was not my destiny.


However, I respected the work and the doctors on my team appreciating

everything I learned from them regarding different career opportunities.

After a few years of working in the medical field, my boyfriend Robert (who now is my amazing husband) encouraged me to attempt my fate in sales.  He understood that I thoroughly enjoyed my patient's transformations including the delicacy of the process. I didn't have a traditional degree so I felt self-conscious but I believed in education. I decided to research and study Ana became obsessive about it. I started studying sales, relationship, personalities, communication and got excellence training from all my companies. I took courses and bought every cd, DVD, seminars, and books you can think of! Literally, I have a library at my house and now all the audiobooks. I got my break and became a plastic surgery consultant. I've been a Sales Consultant to over 20 surgeons over in my whole career. I was able to reach the top sales metric consistently 50% close rate. 


I went from Zero 2 Hero for myself and then family. I had every enemy coming at me at work and business. I learned to eliminate all the noise.  Right away I started experiencing unproductive management styles and high turnover of managers. I witness and felt the effects of stress, burnout, and depression because of my dedication to my patient's wellbeing. It concerned me about the low morale environments.  The unhealthy environments made the whole team sick mentally, emotionally and physically. It was heartbreaking to watch and experience. I was raised above the chaos but my co-workers weren't and that is when I realized and instinctually decided that I wanted to understand, study and master the art of management. 


So I did. I learned how to tell myself what to do with my knowledge and instincts. Knowledge of all the top leaders in the world and wisdom from God. Raising my standard of excellence and turning my "I " statements in "We" Statements.  I used my raw instincts and face the truth about myself and got rid of all the excuses. I learned by my mentors to trust who I am and get to that zone. 


I became a manager/leader in 2009. Flipping centers from unhealthy to healthier environments. Building up Heros within my teams in the Bay Area.  We went from zeros 2 heroes! I've been working in the medical and health and wellness field for over 15 years and my dream is to take everything I've learned in my journey and continue to build unstoppable leaders and sales professionals with purpose. 


Now, let's bring out the hero in you!

"Stop saying your different and act different"
- Claudette Olvera