"We're the kind of people who approach sales and management

with Wisdom and Empathy to create a more

healthy workplace so we can contribute to the world" 

Robert Solis
Sr. Account Executive of Zero2HeroGroup.

Robert brings a wealth of real world experience and success from his career as a business-technology consultant and strategist. From working in a small family owned business to global corporations such as Cisco, Yahoo, and Oracle. He's worked with the top professionals from Sales, Business and technology the industry.

Our motto is
technology makes it possible, people make it happen. It's all about people, Some call it Human Resources or Talent Acquisition, it's the old adage; people, from entry level to executive level (e2e), people are one of the most critical components of business execution and success. Who can argue that?



  • Project Based Work

  • Operational Excellence

  • Technology consulting

  • Customer Focused

  • Start-ups

  • Implementations

  • HR Consulting

  • Sales Leadership

  • Relationship building

Why I'm a believer in Zero2Hero? 

Yes, I've had my Zero2Hero moments and I want to help you identify and avoid your Zero’s moments as much as possible.


Have you ever been a Zero in your career?

A Zero is someone who has not reached their full potential, missed opportunities, or maybe had a bad situation beyond their control. Most individuals want to do and be the best in their career. Disappointingly, we've all fallen short-Zeros. There are many reason for that. In short, all companies, small and big are looking for and need Heroes. In other words, they're looking for individuals who take responsibility, commitment, who can ramp up quickly, get results as fast as possible and exceed those results. That may be an over simplification in a very real complex and dynamic or dysfunctional company culture, however, this is the nature of all business and especially in today's environment. I help individuals and companies bridge the gap from Zero2Hero.


How does one become a Hero of your office, your team, your project, and help other's be hero's?

Glad you asked, let's connect: roberts@zero2herogroup.com

Claudette Olvera
Co-founder of Zero2HeroGroup.
Claudette Olvera, owner of Zero2HeroGroup, has been in sales for over 15 years. Technically, I started when I was 8 years old. I had a lemonade stand and I use to make necklaces, bracelets and arts stuff and sell them at my front entrance of my bedroom door, then got promoted by my dad to the front door, especially when our family from TEXAS came over. They had money!

“You’re a sales person and you don’t even know it” - Claudette Olvera


She has worked for over 20 Specialist Surgeons throughout the bay area and brought in revenues of over 1 million annually in corporations such as Nestle, North Castle Partners, Scientific Image, and Clearchoice.  

What motivated her to become a consultant and coach was watching the transformation of patients and clients. Seeing them face their fears and go for what they want. Supporting them every step of the way till the end.

What she loves most about coaching people is the people. 


“Every person is unique and has a different story but they all share the same pain, challenges and needs.”  

She loves connecting, listening and getting to that AHA moment.

“Building relationships, connecting and watching them transform in front of my eyes is a privilege”. 


What she finds amazing about consulting is that your apart of the bigger picture and you get to connect the dots from personal

to career and purpose. Creating those AHA moments and laughing about the struggle instead of fighting against them, using them to move forward. She transitioned into coaching after she had her son Joshua because she wanted to be a role model to her son and

go for her dreams, so he will go for his!

“My aha moment was when I realized that I control the outcomes and there is a bigger purpose for my experiences good and bad. I found my heroes through out this journey and now it’s time for me to be a hero for myself, my family, and then be a hero to all who are searching for answers, support, knowledge, wisdom, success and true leadership."

When not coaching, consulting or filming videos for training courses – Claudette loves to be with her family and baby boy Joshua. She loves to read, travel and have gluten free vanilla or chocolate ice cream and later have regular ice cream just for kicks. She lives in beautiful San Francisco. 

" You can predict your life just look at your actions, decisions, and thinking.
Change the game  and you will change your life."
- Claudette Olvera