Bring out the HERO!


The Zero2Hero Group is a select group of management and sales professionals dedicated to advancing the art and science of true authentic leadership and sales through best practices and research in sales and leadership in the workforce.


We are committed to providing up to date information and deeper skills building in the workforce.

provide quality customized coaching and leadership.

strive to offer excellence, honest and professional service.


Throughout the world we create HEROS in the workplace.


A Hero is someone who sees a unhealthy environment and decides to change it!

A Hero is someone who decides to be Brave and courageous in the workplace. 

A Hero identifies their weakness and seeks to find solutions. 

A Hero is someone who knows themselves and their potential to change the world.  

A Hero is built from the inside out.  

A Hero is a excellent communicator.

A Hero's actions produces successful outcomes that leaves a lasting impact.

A Hero is a conscious leader.

A Hero is stands out from the rest. 

A Hero stands for what they believe in despite opposition, still considers other's ideas and inputs.

A Hero loves the unlovable people, "haters" and still produces results.    

A Hero cares about their team and protects them.

A Hero is mentally strong. 

A Hero is noble, trustworthy and honest. 

A Hero takes responsibility.  

A Hero fails, learns and wins at the end!

A Hero never gives up.

A Hero knows when to change direction. 

A Hero is unstoppable. 

A Hero has a hero! 

A Hero is that instinct guiding you and wanting to get out! 

Let your hero out. 

We do one thing only and that's create HEROS!

"It's not enough to say you care about your team without showing any
Action, Respect, Patience and Love" 
- Claudette Olvera